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ENGLISH = english vs LAW and CASE LAW

For the first time, Ethereum offers an alternative. A new kind of law.” <<<<?????????????????

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So -- What is Ethereum; and, how does it relate to Law?
By Rob Chamberlain
Quoted: “Traditional law is a form of agreement. It is an agreement among people and their leaders as to how people should behave. There are also...

OFFHAND In most countries, with totally different scripts- spoken and written local languages though, traditionally as a convention, or a Rule, than as an Exception, HAVE LAWS (may be, other than for localized purposes , e.g municipal law), framed and enacted in ENGLISH, chosen as the  common language for domestic/national as well as international trade and other commercial purposes. That is so, as generally considered to be the most convenient of all, from a pragmatic view point . Nonetheless, the outstanding malady / problem commonly complained of, one thinks, is traceable to the fact that the meaning of each and every word, as may be readily seen from the English to English Dictionary , more often than not, connote varying ‘concepts’; also mutually conflicting or confusing anyone even if were duly skilled,  and reasonably mastered in, the 2 of the 3  ‘R’s – Reading and wRiting.
Not mind or scared to try and get more confused, anyone may look up the host of material available in public domain – e.g. HERE the three R's definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Tit Bits: For thoughts shared, look up the previous Blogs- Label ENGLISH Law v (X) Case Law 

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  The 3 "R's" - Social Studies Help Center
How did Roosevelt's New Deal go about fixing the problems of the Great ... itself in what became known as the three "R's" of relief, recovery and reform.
The "New Deal" was organized to help America recover from the depression. The "New Deal" consisted of the 3 R's which are Relief, Recovery, and Reform.
The new deal was a plan that Roosevelt and Congress put into action to hopefully overcome the Great Depression. The new deal focused on the three general ...
He had the concept of The New Deal and The 3 R's, relief, recovery, and reform. The "First 100 Days" was considered the first New Deal while in 1935 the "2nd ...
What is the three R's? the three R's meaning, pronunciation and more by ... This is the British English definition of the three R's. View American English definition ...

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All Greek to Me - Phrase Meaning, Idiom Origins

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