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6-1 Or > 5+1 ?

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Dogs in the court!

I think this is a great idea. What does everyone think about having the dogs in court comforting a witness?

Courthouse dogs make testifying bearable August, 2015 Felicity Nelson View Comments Taking the stand as a witness can be a terrifying affair, particularly if you are confronting your attacker, but a comforting nuzzle
Dogs in the court!


Random thoughts to share:

“....If you can train a dog why not a fellow human being?....”

May or may not be; as is guessed peremptorily, that is certainly open to a genuine question, hence deserve a further probe. One thing seems to be clear and to matter: That is not just ‘training’ , but has more to do with something else, in comparison.

But, it is possible that the idea of ‘court room dogs’ has been mooted and gone ahead with, in preference to ‘ fellow humans’, because of the not-so- uncommon belief that the former is a better choice because of the attendant factors of trustworthiness and safe proof .

In a lighter vein, albeit with no intent to hurt or in disrespect of self or fellow-humans, a typical investigative research article of its kind comes to mind; HERE

To add some spicy thought, howsoever unpalatable that be : As a renowned thinker and humanist par excellence, above all a towering legal legend , of our own times, remorsefully lamented:

Man has been defined as a rational animal. But you cannot live in India (elsewhere as well ?!) without being constantly reminded that this definition was given to man by man himself, in a characteristic moment of self-adulation.

Back to the rest for individualistic views.

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