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The Sacred Space



Productivity, the sum of our ignorance?

R Venkatesan

From Robert Solow’s time to this day, its origins have not been fully understood. Yet, policies do make a difference »
Economic content (what the government intends to do) and management content (how does it do) become important factors to be analysed, simultaneously. “Economic Content” should be in tune with the emerging trends in economics to be relevant ; “Management Content” as reflected in micro-economic policies must reinforce the macroeconomic policy of stabilisation of the economy in the short run while fostering a climate for maximum economic growth over the long run.
This takes us back to the pioneering work of Robert Solow, who won Nobel Prize in economics in 1987 for his path-breaking model of economic growth.
Given the above scenario, economic content of ‘Make in India’ has a high relevance. Are the microeconomic policies in place or being conceived to achieve the above objective? Do they factor in expectations of Indian corporate sector as reflected in pre-budget CII survey? Can Indian corporate managerial and organisational innovations realise the emerging environmental opportunities?
We await answers from the forthcoming government economic policy documents.

Commoner’s Impression:
Not to bother or much worry but leave  aside for the nonce our policy makers, and like species, lined on one side,  in today’s context, perhaps, economists is the most puzzled class of all; back or forth, hither or thither, , up or down ! - left clueless , know not which way to turn or take a bold step forward in identifying and suggesting reforms, to ideally fit into the constantly changing scenario? Of course, the show has to go on anyway.

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