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101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest
by Celes  | Read Full Article Online

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101 Ways To Be a Better Person

Should the overbearing, nay overbalancing, evil of corruption, afflicting the human life around the globe , for Ages, increasingly but alarmingly so in recent times,- particularly the root , rather grass root cause, of it be critically but honestly gone into,- there could be no denying that it is the so called invisible ‘mind set ‘, of each individual or a group of them  in pockets , that is ultimately responsible; hence requiring to be addressed. In short, any hope for solution if at all lies, and can be expected to be found in / through that difficult exercise of  ‘introspection’ alone; solely aimed at  self- realisation, likely  to lead to self-improvement; and in turn, societal improvement (in its profound sense).

Like minded / thinking amongst the Local circles, howsoever  in minority those be,  would, perhaps , do well , for a change, also to explore the scope for accomplishing the most desired ideology  of all, the real need of the hour, being  “personal  excellence”. For clues of useful guidance , it might be worthwhile to look up and mindfully go through, if not  the preaching  of  our spiritual leaders, past and present, the popular modern Blogs in abundance in public domain.  Just for instance / ready reference (Links):

101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest
(by Celes  | Read Full Article Online)

Quite an interesting, usefully thought provoking extract* of the essence of life, to fit into every context, not necessarily confined to accomplishing productivity in material terms overbearing / overbalancing the minds of we, the modern sapiens. Worth sharing amongst and imbibing by at least those limited few around aspiring to make a mark as a 'leader' (in its profound and ideal sense) in any field of human activity.

* 'concentrate' (Latin< con-cent rum)?! 

Mistakes should be examined, learned from, and discarded; not dwelled upon and stored. < ???????????????

-- Tim Fargo, writer and entrepreneur

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