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P (ersonal) E  X P G  (grievance)
Dec 5

  <> While the poser to the PM and FM has yet to receive any direct or positive answer, the media since reports , -Banks, unions wage talk on Jan 5.
 And goes on to say, "...... if the talks fail to resolve the problem, it would go ahead with the strike on January 7 and also the four-day continuous national strike from January 21..."


Be socially responsible and commercially viable, banks told

Banks, unions wage talk on Jan 5

"...... if the talks fail to resolve the problem, it would go ahead with the strike on January 7 and also the four-day continuous national strike from January 21..."

If were to go by simple common sense, how does one reconcile this development, of course not unfamiliar  or odd, hence, as always before most likely to be taken not any seriously but  in the stride, with the message to banks given by concerned VVIPS , telling to- "Be socially responsible and commercially viable"

In a lighter vein, - what sense it makes to call the threat as NATIONAL (not, nation-wide; if hesitant to name it -anti national) strike, despite echoing not even an iota of either social responsinlity or commercial viability the instant threat portends.

Loudly wondering,- is this not a matter of such crucial importance, as requiring national attention and concerted focus, so as to be suitably taken on and effectively tackled in the ongoing talk, and eventually in the follow-on process expected to ensue, of the freshly mooted idea of revamping the extant labor union laws !?

< Walking the TALK ? >>>>>>

Some of the big defaulters need to be booked quickly, says Rajan

Fiscal consolidation: ‘Govt will not resort to massive expenditure cuts’

Random Jottings
To say or believe that any country has a ‘history’ of its own or an inscrutable one is an overstatement or falsification of truth, if not a fragile figment of imagination. It is, at best, a metaphor, or a figurative speech. No doubt, every country around the globe, or any part of a country within, has a unique and differentiating identity. That is what is, by and large, referred to as culture, cultural heritage, so on. But in reality, what that alludes to is the uniqueness of any one or more who are born and live from time to time, and have remained to be identified throughout individual life, or a period out of it.
'Rich’ used to qualify or amplify ‘heritage’, signify such uniqueness or identity, handed down, generation to generation,  from time immemorial is what is acclaimed and goes to glorify the time span, carved out as a historical factuality and actuality.

History has, in its womb, good and bad, righteous and unrighteous, so on. That history repeats itself takes within its sweep, both such characteristics. And in the nature of things, inevitable, whether liked or not. But from an altruistic point of view, the most desired is that, it is the history that has nothing but everything good in its profound sense, must repeat or made to repeat. On the contrary, any page or even word or words from the book of history that has something vile or stale about it deserves to be shunned and eschewed . But then, it is the individual or combined mindset of any one or more living in a chosen community or society that is going to sway or influence the trend/ profound 'quality' of life at a given point in time.

In short, the history of any country or a part of it- to be precise, rich in unadulterated goodness, values, virtues, so on, and true wisdom, is the life history of the humans, par excellence, in varied walks of existence, amenable to be counted on finger tips.

The one and only Book which is found to be replete with useful hints for further insightful deliberation, in order to accomplish incisive or close -to-incisive realization (call it, self -discipline or- knowledge, or any other) standing out, as a treasure-trove,  of any number of them, that could be spotted  IS – the so-unbelievably handy one, titled - “PERSONAL EXCELLENCE” ( Ken Shelton , Editor).

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