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Na Mo's (wishful) Priorities, et al

Jan 25

Modi will not accompany U.S. President to Rajghat

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President Mukherjee serves a timely reminder to political parties on their responsibilities

Jan 19

Of vibrant summits and uneven development »
“...saying that GST would happen in a year — putting the onus on States to cooperate rather than be perceived as obstructionist

....These meets have given rise to criticism that they are no more than jamborees at huge public expense, with the actual investment a trickle to the flood of MoUs signed. The Gujarat Congress has alleged that a mere 9 per cent of the MoUs inked between 2003 and 2011 have fructified. Without belittling the importance of these summits, States should be more accountable. But a more serious concern relates to whether this competitiveness has led to balanced regional development. Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Maharashtra have been the preferred States for investors, even before these summits came into vogue.


(Local circles)
Ministry Of Urban Development (SwachhBharat Mission)
Ministry Of Urban Development (SwachhBharat Mission) posted a message in "Swachh Bharat".
Subject: Energizing Municipalities for Swachh Bharat - 3-5 Specific TO DOs.


Commoners across the nation have been left wildly wondering why only the ‘northern’ states chosen – (why the north-south-east-west divide); while the idea has been mooted by the UDM at the centre? Do not the MCs from the rest of the States as well, and more importantly and urgently, need such ‘brainstorming’ should that eventually help! For instance, consider Maharashtra (west) and Karnataka (south) which, as has been commonly criticized, standout for the flagrant negative role of the MCs, for long. That goes to underline the need for a nationwide reform, as opposed to selective, in the realm of ‘local authorities’.

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Worth A Focus :

< Ward Officers are supposed to undertake daily rounds to identify encroachments, illegal constructions, potholes, accumulation of garbage, etc. however this never happens. Therefore, Ward Officers should have to put their attendance in a register maintained with societies so that he can sign. During his visit which can be once a week, grievances can be submitted to him. The daily input of signature shows that he attended each locality regularly and their problems were discussed/submitted. >

< Since noted (so far as known, yet even to 'throttle', before 'take off' : 

Venkaiah to meet municipal heads of southern states (Lead ...

XCerpts (selective)

<Municipal commissioners from over 70 cities and officials of urban development departments from the five southern states - Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh - and the union territory of Puducherry will attend the first workshop, a union government statement said Sunday.
"Implementation issues pertaining to the schemes viz., Swachh Bharat Mission, urban renewal of 500 cities/towns, housing for all by 2022, skill development and self-employment of urban poor under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana and capacity building of urban local bodies will be discussed in detail," it said.
Naidu - also minister for housing and urban poverty alleviation - will speak on the objectives of the new initiatives in the urban sector.
He will also share his concerns about the state of urban governance and innovations and improvements required to achieve the objectives in the context of central government's emphasis on urban development.
Naidu decided to reach out to the municipal commissioners after a national conclave of urban development ministers of states.>

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