Wednesday, January 14, 2015

JUg SUaraiya , In lighter/jugular vein


Here's how Barack Obama's signature looks like

Here's how Barack Obama's signature looks like

Some signatures are way better than others, whether they’re elaborate illustrations, cool designs, or simply gorgeous handwriting.  Here are some cool ones »


In a jugular vein, just to too well rhyme, - A quote from Oliver Twist: Master: HI Coachman; Take care, your horses appear to be of shy type ! Coachman: NO Sire! Not at all; they won’t shy even if happen to meet a wagon load of monkeys, all with their tails burnt off!!

Obama's Air Force One: An inside look

Obama’s Air Force One flight is loaded with latest and best equipment to deal with any situation, including a terror attack.  Photos »

WOW, wow ! can it keep flying, even if fuel tank gets emptied while upabove ?

Jan 14

Court charges

Thanks to ‘hurt sensitivities’, lawyers set to make a killing

As always; NoT never ever before !

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