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Corruption X Commercialisation

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Dear NAMO Sir, Thanks For Acche Din But What About Corruption In I. T. Dept?

“....the long delay in getting justice from the Courts COMPELS THE TAXPAYERS TO GREASE the palms of the officials.”

Does this not smack of a sort of oxymoron!  In one’s longstanding conviction, founded on common sense viewing, so long as common men upwards, to  law pundits, alike,  dreaming for, but choosing to keep selves engaged  simply in lip service, nothing more or beyond, to that ever eluding  Acche Din”, no amount of governmental reforms could be honestly expected to  usher in that DIN itching for.


One of the recent developments, not so- unrelated as may seem on the first blush, comes to mind; that is noted to bear out the wrong turn yet again taken at cross roads, even lately. Intended reference is to a report in the media just a few days ago, that –

As commented elsewhere:

Many of the things which UDM, -professing to speak for his government,-  is reported to have said makes for a thoroughly confusing, mind numbing reading; so much so, thereby seems to have opened up a can of 'worms'. For instance, - ..  “....said that the mission ..is ‘Resurgent India’ and various initiatives are being taken TO IMPROVE INVESTMENT CLIMATE AND THE ‘EASE OF DOING BUSINESS’ IN THE COUNTRY”. And, -"that 12 cities with rich cultural heritage assets would be taken for development of core heritage areas and MAKING THEM MORE TOURIST FRIENDLY WITH ALL SERVICES AND FACILITIES”.
Of course, no right minded, secular or otherwise, but altruistically inclined, motivated citizen can have any genuine reservation against the long outstanding need to bring improvement in the local conditions and for uplift and betterment of the natural inhabitants. But, on a quick but close reading, the inedible impression given is the whole idea is to convert even places such as Dwaraka, and Puri , thus far regarded as for ‘pilgrimage’, into ‘tourist centres’. In short, the aim is commercial exploitation of such places.
On the flip-side, however, there has been a growing realization and unbiased demand that any idea of development, be it urban or rural, must not be confined to the aim of economic growth; but the main focus /thrust needs to be on ‘moderation’; that is, because of its otherwise inevitable consequence of spelling ‘disaster ‘to the society at large, afflicting/impairing ultimately the quality of life on earth to the core. In short, the emphasis ought to be on controlled development, a seamless one, not unbridled thereby resulting in a “cancerous ‘growth.

If viewed with the foregoing as a backdrop, the reported development is bound to prove a matter of grave concern, hence requiring an insightful second look into.

The inescapably unsocial or unorthodox repercussions of converting places of pilgrimage, believed to be sacred and held close to the heart of devout followers of any religion, for ages,- such as Dwaraka and Puri to 'Hindus',- into mere ordinary tourist destinations, to attract moving population, in the name of promotion of  tourism, and for making more monies, in foreign or domestic currency, is tantamount to an undue /uncouth commercialization and exploitation of such places. Further, even with the given unsavory state of affairs already subsisting, the newly mooted idea could only be expected to add to the sentimental woes, sadly allowed to deteriorate  in the recent decades; and could only further and worsen , instead of improving upon the sanctity need to be attached- a virtual sacrilege. In this view of the scenario, the reference to the time honored scriptures, -"Gita, Bible, Koran" is, to say the least, perplexing and seemingly out of context.

That DIN can be expected to at all dawn, only when the ongoing extremist thrust on 'commercialization', of every single facet of human life, not 'religion' alone, but with no exclusion of core professions such as lawyers and accountants,is moderated and decelerated; if not hand-braked.

Now, reverting to the topic on hand, the only hope for any reform lies with taxpayers; they being one of the two willing participants / necessary party to the evil game, - not remaining  immune or a consenting party any longer to the root cause but determinedly and single minded refusing  to yield to , howsoever  forceful the compulsion be,resort to ‘greasing' .


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