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MInd TEasers ..RANDOM Brain Numbing Series >>>

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Jan 14

 Mumbai housing societies spared service tax

Jan 12


Towards faster, more inclusive growth

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Jan 8

Living in the city
Builders typically include the price of car parking in the price for common areas. So if you have been charged separately for car parking, you should know that it is illegal. Read: Car parking is common area.
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Arathi Manay Yajaman Arathi is a trustee of Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) and an active citizen.

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Write to Author · Write to Editor Arathi Manay Yajaman Arathi is a trustee of Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) and an active citizen.

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"Ref. comment since posted.
For the analytical study/viewpoints on SC case made a mention of, attention is invited to the write-ups published on the websites of Taxguru, LCI, also in KLJ."


Aey, You! what happened to that corner table server ?


Before, whenever i came in, he would say TO GREET ME – Yes Sir at your service sir !


This time, to my shock, he hails me curtly, – YES, At your command!

HO HO HO ; that is a big story sir !

What ?

One day a newly transferred  local service tax officer came to lunch ..

Yes ?!

He was greeted as always by my boy..


He was asked by officer whether he was paying his service tax


Next day, a notice was slapped on him , calling to explain..


Then the poor boy had to engage a top lawyer of our place, to argue, explain for hours, before getting the notice vacated ; since then,...

this  change sir

HO HO HO hu hu ..
oHO ho ho ho >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

..uncontrollably both burst into peels of laughter ,,,,


HOme TRuth About Twins, named  – 

‘Transparency'  & 'Answerability' !


Behold ! YOU know who goes there?
The greatest fool of all.. you could have ever met !
Hear him , -Always Complaining – about something or other
About his pet twins
Thought he was un married
Oh, of course
How then?
The twins i said are the too much talked about concepts – ‘transparency’ and ‘answerability’
Don’t get you ?
He says, -There is nothing- anyone or anything , anywhere,  truly transparent  

Again, don’t get you; but all the same,me too personally think so
Listen, then you must be another fool, no lesser than he
Don’t you think he is begging the question!
When you say , - no transparency, do not you yourself admit/imply that "the reality that there is no transparency" itself is so transparent as anyone can afford to, without offending self, dare to deny !
OK , OK! how about, ‘Answer ability’?
Look, to talk about it, - should you not know first whom you are blaming ?
Of course, i know ! it is the one whom i question..
Is it one or more?
Could be more
Then whom you expect to answer
Either or
That is the real problem; neither knows who to answer or what to answer!
Why then blame the queried,-  not yourself as the querist, not knowing whether your question is amenable to eliciting only one (a uniform) answer, and from everyone of the queried?!

OH, NO, NO , NO >>>>>>>.........– into thin air !

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