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 'Tis the season!

Income Tax Exemption on Tenants under Redevelopment


Marked Developments Towards Improvement !


Double-check your tax credits



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CAG Reports non-adherence to various provisions of Income Tax Act by CAs


 Halt! Who goes there, friend or foe?

<> Random (in a lighter vein)

Frankly, one is not clear but has been left dazed, rather nonplussed, with no clue as to what really is the 'message'/'burden of the song' - making for a soliloquy, ending with a solemn PRAYER for the departed body (or soul?).

"Law', as a concept, has, one believes, varying, many times mutually contradicting connotations, depending upon the realm or regime that pertains. For instance, as an eminent   jurist of our own times is remembered to have, wprt the tax laws said, -

‘LAW’ IS NOT ‘discretion’. 

That may be the ‘ideology’; but how far that is kept in mind and found echoed in any action or inaction, - for that matter, even by the law makers, while ‘legislating’ - in real life situations, is any body’s guess. Better, for a change, invite - ‘YOU’ be the JUDGE.




 CAs taking up more tax audits than permitted: CAG

As may be gathered, the message, hidden or otherwise, figuratively speaking, is that, - it is not good, not only for own health/well being but also for the rest directly or indirectly concerned, to try and bite more than what can chew, so also venture to chew more than what can be easily digested and  absorbed, within the un- tractable/ -scrutable / -changeable limitations of the nature given faculty to assimilate. 
Bluntly stated: Greed or over-greed can have in store an inevitable doom or disaster , in its profound sense.


HC shows displeasure on appeal filing by dept. in matters covered by binding precedent of Apex Court on TaxGuru!


<>Strictly  speaking, the underlying message must be regarded to equally apply to / be extended to take within its ambit, - besides issues squarely/’on all fours’ covered by any earlier court ruling(s), be that of the HC or SC, - also any point sought to be made an issue but not open to an intelligent  debate. That is, one on which the law is so unambiguously clear , in letter and / or spirit, as to lend  no scope for the lower authorities failing to readily see and appreciate as to what view is the right or better view to take.  To put it differently, no authority can be considered to have "acted in the performance of his duties"/ well within the frame work of the law, of which he is a creature, as a "public servant", if he does or omits to do something repugnant to what the law says, or clearly intended to say.

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