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ஆஞ்சநேயர் 108 போற்றி 1. ஓம் அனுமனே போற்றி 2. ஓம் அஞ்சனை மைந்தனே போற...Continue Reading

karama yogam!
slokam 1:
jyayasi cheth karmanasthe matha bhudhir janarthana!
thath kim karmani kore mam nyajoyasi kesava!!
arjunar solgirar
janarthana karmathai katilum bhudhi adhavadhu gyanam melanadhu endru unnudaya karuthaanal appodhu en kesava kodiya karmathil ennai evikindrai..


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Bibek Debroy, the noted Economist, is the apt person to shed light on this subject. He says, contrary to popular perception, money or artha is not something Hinduism frowns upon, despite its association with Goddess Lakshmi, but is actually a desirable concept...
Nostradamus prediction about the End of the World!
Is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions of the future have mystified scholars for over four hundred years. Nostradamus made over one thousand predictions and some historians say that over half of them have already come true. Let’s take a look at Nostradamus’ Dooms day prediction and explore some other prophesies regarding the end of the world…
When we talk about Krishna and his wife, the first question that hits our mind is, how many wives did he actually have? Some say he has 16008 wives and consorts while others believe that he had only 8 queens (that is, legally wedded wives). Although, different scriptures differ on the names of these eight wives, Bhagavata purana lists them as – Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana.
What is nirvana and how to attain it?
Vietnamese Zen leader Thich Nhat Hanh is ailing in France. He has just survived a brain haemorrhage and is slowly recovering. This is a good time to not only pray for his smooth recovery but to remember his wise sayings. Amongst his most well-known teachings is mindfulness, the art of paying attention to every small activity that we do and to enjoy very moment of it. But here's an insight from him on how to achieve nirvana, or bliss - the greatest quest of all!
How your birth date reveals the plan for your life


Dangerous dogma: An official 'national book' cachet would emasculate the Bhagwad Gita's ...


Reaction (from a common sense view, intended to provoke soul searching)

As per media reports based on location survey of the unparalleled calamity within memory, there is no knowing how many died, particularly from among the so called ‘taxpayers’ or family; who had a providential escape and survived, if not for any other purpose, only to meet the Revenue’s unquenchable aspiration and expectation, with its sole focus on ‘compliance’ and ‘collection’. Should not the people in the North Block, historically known for its single track mindedness, acted , after some soul searching, sensibly, having a heart and come out, for a change for once, with a thoughtful and multidimensional approach.

Over to others, if any were endowed with a humanitarian attitude and outlook on life in general, over calamities of such a heartrending magnitude in particular.

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