Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Statutory Audit X Internal Audit


The Comproller &Auditor General of India (CAG) has issued a report No. 32 of 2014 setting out the results of the performance audit of “Appreciation of Third Party (Chartered Accountant) Certification in Assessment Proceedings of the Department of Revenue”.

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A Paradigm Shift *- from 'SA' to 'IA' - for good or bad ; albeit, of course, in one's view, answer must be only the latter, with no need to wait for the future to tell ! - IS THERE ANY ?
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The capability approach to organisational development

Organisations have an onus to enhance the capability of their members to achieve the kind of life they value »


Science of enterprise valuation decoded

 Belying /striking at the roots of all myths surrounding the whole exercise of ... 

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Even other concepts vociferously mooted say, for tax law, property tax , - e.g. 'guideline value' 


Aug 22, 2013 - With new guidance values, every higher floor and every additional amenity increases the value of your property in Bangalore. Here's a peek ...

Guideline Value for Land in Chennai is the value of the land as determined by the Tamil Nadu Government, ... Articles related to guideline value for land chennai.

Jul 30, 2013 - Make sure you know about the increase in guideline value before ... rate this article to encourage our authors to keep on writing such articles!
(ii) provisions of Section 50C are arbitrary in nature due to adoption of guideline values and thus being violative of Article 14 of the Constitution — It was urged ...

*If that were intelligently but impartially perceived ,  AND incisively analyzed, with primary focus , for the common good, on 'corporate good governance', the startlingly unwarranted and alarmingly triggered  paradigm shift, it appears, has surreptitiously crept in, in the aftermath of "Satyam Episode" - a sort of reverse gear applied- whereas, one believes, the common expectation soon thereafter in well-informed and altruistically thinking circles was to throttle, speed up on top gear, in order to make a move forward, by strengthening  / revamping  the xtant machinery , to be rendered more effective and purposeful. 

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Combining tech and human interface for customer delight

Reaction (OFFHAND)

"Thus, banks (OUGHT TO?) strive to provide the best of the both worlds – by marrying technology with human interface."  Missing words are supplied, in order to laser focus on the extremely sad state of affairs largely obtaining in the field of banking experience. If were to go by individual's long lasting impression, seemingly with no signs of any let-up in the form of a  favorable  improvement in the foreseeable future, the noted shortcomings in human interface  is traceable to the fact of life that at even  busy branches of any say, a PSB in a metro, the staff on the job, not to talk of the heads/sub-heads, have any appetite , or sincere  inclination, -  instead,  have an aversion,- to get to know even the basics of a computerized system in place. For that matter, the facts about  specially appointed techies , -who are supposed to have an intimate know of things ,  even in the normal course of their manning and in control of the ‘core cent re’ of the system- do not rise to the occasion whenever a functional branch head looks for and seeks help. In short, marrying technology and human interface is most likely to remain as ever before a pipe-dream. Perhaps, it is only RBI, as the regulator in supervision ,  who should think of ways and means, and have implemented suitable drastic changes, so that the two ideals/wished -for alliance do not remain isolated but continue  as  sworn divorcees.


BMC babus' bribe rate card for builders: Rs 1,200 a square feet

Nauzer Bharucha | 6 hrs ago


<The new development control rules introduced two years ago leave no scope for manipulation or illegality in building plans. So, engineers intentionally delay sanctioning projects to pressure builders to pay up. Any delay in starting a building project could cause severe loss to developers, who procure loans at interest rates as high as 24%.>

<> In all such media reports, for or against, the goings-on in the notorious sector (or if you wish, call it an industry), in one's perspective, a very crucial aspect cutting at the root of it all is invariably ignored or deliberately bypassed.  That has something to do with the reality that, one of the most important functionaries that is supposed to play a vital role, right from the inception of plan for a project to the stage of formal conveyance of the property to buyer(s) is the so called qualified 'architect'. As such, according to an indication given in some quarters, the architect's crucial role in the whole process of initial approval to final completion of a given project must be duly recognized and stressed . For that purpose, same way as in certain other fields, it might be worth considering and implementing, after due deliberation, the idea of a panel of truly competent and expert architects, and if approved, in active consultation and concurrence of the related apex regulatory body in control..


Public sector banks deposit rates cut by up to 100 bps
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