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LookinG ArounD - Abnormality Galore ?

Look into any development trying to overtake/engulf, or cloud
/ totally eclipse  the rudimentary faculty of being 'rational' human living on this planet  is supposed to have been endowed with but largely conspicuous by its absence !



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  I-T returns and info provided to tax authorities are exempt from disclosure under RTI Act  
Whether the Income-tax returns and other information provided to Income Tax Authorities by a taxpayer are personal and confidential in nature and, therefore, cannot be placed in public domain through RTI Act?
The High Court held as under-
1) Income-tax returns and other information provided to Income Tax Authorities by individuals and unincorporated assessees are confidential in nature and cannot be placed in public domain, as it would be exempt under section 8(1)(j) of Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act).
2) In cases of widely held companies, most information relating to their income and expenditure would be in public domain and, therefore, it is only confidential information that would be exempt from disclosure under section 8(1)(d) of RTI Act.
3) Information furnished by an assessee in income-tax return can be disclosed only where it is necessary thing to do so in public interest and where such interest outweighs in importance any possible harm or injury to assessee or any other third party. However, information furnished by corporate assessees that neither relates to another party nor is exempt under section 8(1)(d) RTI Act can be disclosed - Naresh Trehan v. Rakesh Kumar Gupta (2014) 51 548 (Delhi)


Skewed approach to bad debt(3)
The debt recovery system is as much of a problem as bad debts. The need to protect the value of assets is often overlooked

As a renowned thinker and humanist par excellence, of our own times, no less a person than 'nani'  remorsefully lamented:

Man has been defined as a rational animal. But you cannot live in India without being constantly reminded that this definition was given to man by man himself, in a characteristic moment of self-adulation.


A Case Study for Spinoffs


Confusion worse confounded, more than ever before ?

Causa Caucasans ought not be difficult to decipher, even if unintelligibly, or not readily perceived by naked eyes / plugged or unplugged ears - consider the goings-on in the REALTY sector:

"Corruption" is the most favorite, nay commonly favored topic easily  available to anyone to wag his tongue about, though not to be successfully chased out- WHY SO ?

Reasons galore-

Ill conceived Policies , badly structured (often not unwittingly or but mostly otherwise) legislation, last but not least  opinion of courts in matters litigated with no choice

15 % Service tax on deemed 'sale' or 'service'

Deemed Conveyance


SPL. LEGISLATION say for 'units' sale, GIVEN A GO BYE -

no more than '%'  collectible on agreement to sell; impliedly , balance  only on 'completion' ans sale

no CoC, no sale (anyway, no 'FINAL CONVEYANCE )

what ./ when 'completion'- messed up concept !

Local authority (e.g.  BMC  BBMP) not following, implementing and strictly enforcing its own bye-laws (plain mandates such as, on provision for 'car park' within the complex) 

Basic Charter being used as handmaid for....

View taken by Courts- e.g. Nahalchand (SC)

Why to go after money slashed abroad, in Swiss banks, or elsewhere- instead of simply scout around within the frontiers / the nation's  jurisdiction !


NOT REALIZED THAT, it is not the just the horse, but it has bolted away with the stable itself (uprooted) i.e. stock and barrel ?!

NB: As visualized long before,  -

Vertical expansion, conceived of a few decades, and recklessly being pursued, with sky as the eventual target in vision blinded, without an iota of thought for the shortcomings and perils that has in store, so much so with no regard  to the 'societal welfare' even remotely,  clearly demonstrates that man has yet to , - and it is going to be almost uncertain to happen, - fully evolve into a 'human' as the LORD OF NATURE probably believed to hasppen someday.

To recall instantly, and seeking solace in, what revered Poet Laurette ,  Rabindranath Tagore said:

A requotable quote>

"Every child born into the world brings a message from God that He is not yet discouraged with man"
Imponderable >

Why then the misery, debauchery, hypo crazy, so on, in abundance, left to be sincerely challenged/ taken on, all around ?
Is it that man has irretrievably turned himself into a highly self-centered and unsocial creature of God, and in the result,  a never-dry fountain head of SIN?!

Could this have been a better world hath God mercifully willed to send every child into this world with a label of his 'date of expiry' ??!!

Inspiration from (/in reaction to), 
- a tail piece in Reader's Digest (Sep. '11 Issue)>
"Why do they bottle water from a four-million-year-old iceberg !; then slap an expiry date on the bottle ? 

More HERE >

The explanation for our endless predicament is to be found in the basic fact that we are born of risen apes, not of fallen angels, or conflicts and crimes, our missiles and murders, should cause no surprise when we remember our predatory animal origin

All of us belong to the same species of creation, - homo sapiens- , we are at different stages of evolution. some are closer to a brute from whom our species is believed to have evolved, and some to the sacramental beings who will emerge after aeons of existence the miracle of man is not how far he has sunk ,  but how magnificently he has risen- a very bold, upright self critical of we, the humans

It is the aristocracy of caliber which must take to public life, however distasteful it may be, “the success of democracy depends upon an informed citizenry, not on the participation of every inmate in the asylum”

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