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BL -Life ISsssss Like That ! (A SERIAL)

Nov 13

PC X PA (IA?)* ; CAG -
*Probe / Investigating Agencies

Chidambaram flays probe agencies, CAG for overstepping limits

Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, with CBI Director, Ranjit Sinha, at an international conference on evolving common strategies to combat corruption and crime in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo: Ramesh Sharma Says respect dividing line of policy-making and policing »


Take the madness out of traffic

Traffic management is important every minute of the day. Effective traffic management saves both time and precious lives. If it takes a movie to drive home this point, so be it. »

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Bottom but nonetheless "KEY" note reads: "The author is with PUBLIC AFFAIRS Centre, Bangalore. Views are PERSONAL.)- (B font supplied)
A Simple Thought to Share: Reading down, having eloquently put down a few of the root causes, why the glaring self-contradiction? Does it not suggest that there is a lack of courage of conviction behind this sort of a Note, - which is invariably stumbled on, verging on a "disclaimer”!
Coming to the ‘root’ causes, no knowing why  not even an oblique reference been made to certain other more feasible angles,  such as, - at least as a temporary / interim measure, reducing the 'vehicle population' on the arterial  roads, taking readily perceivable useful clues from what even small countries e.g. Singapore has resorted to , since decades.
In a lighter vein (to recall an old joke, but not yet become stale): A farmer from  Vellore, after years of no-touch with hence virtually , for all practical purposes, a stranger to day’s Madras (Chennai !) ,  one morning landed in ‘Koyambedu’ central bus stand. Beckoned an ‘auto’ , for going to T Nagar. Abruptly but curtly told the Charge is a ‘fiver’.  The rudely shaken poor Vellore-vasi   , with no second thought, instantly hurried away, to hop into a luxury bus standing by, about to depart  for Vellore.
(Pardon! - if adjudged to be a poor story letter)

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