Sunday, October 6, 2013

TOI on Pope

Going by one’s own (individualistic) perception, the article is found to deal with lucidly the most glaring conflict of all in the history of existence of humans on earth; that is, - ‘individualism’ x ‘collectivism’. On the concept of ‘collect’ and its derivatives, for knowing the intricacies of it, one may begin with having a close look at its dictionary meaning or connotation. On the aspect of ‘collective pursuit’ referred, for that matter, the word ‘collect’ itself is found to have an intimate connectivity to ‘Christianity’ ; in that, it relates to "a short form of prayer used in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches".
Yes, as said, no denying that there has been a fresh air lately started blowing, rather aimed at bringing sweeping changes in Vatican. That has enveloped also the mundane, as opposed to purely spiritual, world. For a sample, read this from Washington Times:
The Vatican bank is noted for its secrecy, but the pope hopes his newly named commission open the doors “for a better harmonization with the universal mission of the Apostolic See,” the document that created the body stated, as AP reported.

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Pope Francis also said that for a brief moment he considered turning down the papacy when he was elected by the other cardinals in March.
"I closed my eyes and all thoughts disappeared, including the one of rejecting the nomination," he recalled. "At a certain point, a great light filled me up….Then the light went away and in a sudden rush, I went to the room where the cardinals were waiting for me with the acceptance document on the table. I signed it."

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