Monday, October 28, 2013

Identity Crisis BS, Lci- A Typical Instance of !


Your private data may be online, courtesy govt

Some depts have posted bank account & income details on net for transparency; experts cry privacy breach

Oct 29

Saving privacy as we knew it 

Experts Circle

  I need to change my wife name in stamp duty reg purchase deed - by VINAY DEVASTHALI

Ans >
< No,need to rectify the Deed of Conveyance,your wife can affirm and declare the customary name change by an Affidavit before the Judicial Magistrate and publish it to the local newspaper. Thereafter she can submit the same to concerned authority for necessary change.

The change of surname/last name after marriage is not legally obligatory to any woman at least in India. The woman can continue with her maiden name for all purposes as it’s her right to do so. The change of last name by bringing the name of the husband or his surname is done just to identify herself as his wife nothing more.>

In A Jugular Vein>

It all sounds funny, nay senseless , offending common sense in today's context; reason- living dawning the robe of  a bogus sex, sex change, man, even if he be, behaving like a woman.
Pithily stated- today's world is populated by not only humans with bones as created; but one does come across so called 'boneless wonders'.  

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