Friday, March 29, 2013

ICL > Is 'SE' the Barometer of...?

<> Yet another CIS scam? Further loss of 100s of crores of rupees by investors?

"Yet another CIS scheme is unearthed, by income-tax authorities who intimates the details to SEBI. SEBI investigates and passes an Order asking the Company to repay investors or face prosecution. ...."


Reflecting for a while (with borrowed thoughts)>
"Our values to day are drastically eroded, because too many men- with no more moral backbone than a chacolate e'clair-claim the freedom of... and action which results inevitably in increasing the numbers of violent criminals" -
in every field of activity ; more strikingly in that of economy.
For a bird's eyeview of the actual fact pervading life one may read-

Particularly, the answer to the intriguing question, -

"Is The Stock Market A Barometer Of The Nation's Economic Health"
"All I can say is I am happy I am not heavily invested. This way I can go broke slowly. This economy sucks."

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