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EPIC card ? EC >>>


Indians vote like cattle and sheep, says Katju
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Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju on Saturday sparked off another controversy by saying that ''India is not a full-fledged democracy ...


EPIC just ID card, won’t enable you to vote: EC

...The year-long drive in 2012 to issue electoral photo identity cards (EPICs ) seems to have been a waste. Reason: it's not the Election Commission-issued EPIC but the voter's slip, handed out by the government and election agents, which will enable you to vote....

<> YESSSS; simply RIDICULOUS, why it is NOT?
Making a mockery of, and cutting at the very citizen's fundamental constitutional RIGHT TO VOTE; in turn, at the very concept of 'DEMOCRACY' ?!
EC owes to the PEOPLE of this great country his well-reasoned and commonly acceptable explanations/clarifications , in its complete sense, post-haste,  over this new found theory / revelation of what all that means, -before our country takes any more beating of this obnoxious kind of assault on the Right.
Aside: One may have to sit up and make a serious note of the sane practical advice, but with a different stroke,  from justice Santosh  Hegde (page 6 of today's TOI) ! Also deeply think of the disastrous consequences of deciding either way- sort of , on the 'horns of a dilemma'! - Figuratively,   to serve as the proverbial last most straw on the camel (democracy)'s back, imaginary or otherwise.
In short, one is left to pathetically keep wondering - where the nation is really heading; AND whither 'DEMOCRACY’ ?!

Key Note: On the aspect of wasteful expenditure, of an astoundingly  colossal magnitude any such stance entails, -nothing short of a daring day light robbery of its kind unleashed on the Echequer, -it is for the CAG, as the 'watch dog',  to wake up and take it on with all sincerity and seriousness as expected of him by the nation!

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