Sunday, February 3, 2013

TOI Feb 2013- comments on Articles of public interest

1. jokes to protect everyone’s sentiments 

Kya zamanaa agaya, wah ! For protection , thus far one thought what is needed if,  -
1 ) life or property -insurance cover;
2 person (i.e. his 'pain body')- insurance cover plus protection by a body guard or police, as the case may be ; so on.
None would have never ever imagined before that a DAY WOULD COME WHEN, of al the things,  "HUMAN SENTIMENTS" also - (which, may be rightly called 'pain mindset', should one be inspired by  what the foreignauthor, Ekhart Tolle wrote in his Book titled,- A NEW EARTH (need to read just the CHAPTER ONE)- would require protection; that too in the form of 'jokes' - whatever that means to a common man. 

2. Passport seeker pays heavy price for speaking out

Truly sounds incorrigible, and unabashed shamelessness in a living and kicking democracy,-so believed!
To reminisce:
1.    History is replete with ironies. But it may be doubted whether the story of man affords a more tragic irony than the happenings in the Mahatma’s motherland in the centenary year ....
(thus spake ‘nani’ once , a known patriot par excellence in his own way, over 4 decades ago, though in a different context- from the Book, WE THE PEOPLE )
2.  In the words of a great jurist, it is not permissible to enact a law which, in effect, spreads an all inclusive net for the feet of everybody, upon the chance that, while the innocent will surely be entangled in its meshes, SOME wrong-doers also may be caught. (BIG FONT SUPPLIED)
(A re-quote from same Book, again in a different context but applying to all contexts / laws, with none whatsoever but for rare exceptions)

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