Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Old Age X Battle, right royal, for asserting a 'fundamental right' !

Who Can Own Life? Farmer vs. Monsanto Before US High Court

Indiana soybean farmer, Hugh Bowman, is taking his one-man-war against agriculture giant Monsanto to the Supreme Court on Tuesday where both sides will present their arguments (.pdf) to the high court. The suit calls into question essential patent rights and, more importantly, challenges whether anyone can legally "control a product of life."
75-year-old soybean farmer, Hugh Bowman, appears before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/ AP)
A Monsanto customer for years, 75-year-old Bowman devotedly bought and planted their genetically modified (gm)...
<> This is one of those rare cases where an individual takes cudgels against an enactment crying loudly to be scrapped, in one's view, as far outdated and archaic!

An Old Story, albeit remotely relatable >

N. A. Palkhivala
When Nani Palkhivala was accused of Piracy!

CA Vellalapatti Swaminathan Iyer

It sounds unbelievable but is it true? Did Nani Palkhivala copy from Sampath Iyengar’s book? The author traces the fascinating battle between two of the finest legal minds over the originality of the Commentary to the Income-tax Act that all of us use in our day to day practice and reveals fascinating insights into Nani Palkhivala’s genius personality

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