Monday, February 18, 2013

CD A Pethetic Story

Profiting From Human Misery

Topping the updated list of its kind, full of anguish; and leaving any upright-minded one, with strong feelings of anger out of emotions, marked, above all, by utter helplessness of self as an individual, or even of individuals as a group, albeit being just not even a speck in the whole universe.
What is all the more remorseful is the realisation that all these are persistently and dogmatically  happening , day in and day out, in a world of so dubbed 'democracies'; spread across. And in the hands/at the instance of the so-called elected representatives (turned RULERS) of THE PEOPLE.
The poser incresingly looming large , so large as almost touching the vast sky above, is this: Are, just as individualised dreams, the 'common dreams' also fated or doomed to eventually prove 'pipe dreams'. Perhaps, it calls for a well reasoned and mindful answer , so as to be realistic, even if remotely, from 'optimists' still left, if any, amongst the vast humanity.
May be, the solution lies, even at this late stage, in resolving and following devoutly, without yielding to the natural but brutal temptation to exchew the deep rooted / underlying wisdom in,  the righteous principle of , "OPTIMISM OF THE WILL, PESSIMISM OF THE INTELLIGENCE" (words borrowed from a great humanist of our times). Does it ?!

(One hope to be pardoned for leaving the comment unedited)

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