Saturday, February 23, 2013

BL Ideas For the Budget to be announced shortly !

February 22, 2013

How to grow out of deficits and debt

The country is preparing for a pre-election year Union Budget, and much is expected of the experienced Finance Minister. Would the rich be taxed further to narrow the deficits and woo the aam aa... »

<> On the first blush, one, though as a common man hence admittedly blessed with nothing but ignorance in such complicated matters, strongly feels that majority of the statistical data and suggestions so generously and eloquently reeled out/ offered, in substance, prima facie provide clues, THOUGH seemingly OF A ROUTINE NATURE, which could help the politicians (modern times POWER SEEKERS/MONGERS), to think of and how to win over the vote banks. Hardly anything to help THOSE RIGHT THINKING PEOPLE, amongst those in governance, in a minority, to identify as to how best to "grow out of deficits and debt".

Unless, of course, the economic and tax experts at large have the potentials and prepared to frankly come forth with different ideas , based on outlook for the 'common good' being the main concern of ordinary mortals.

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