Monday, February 18, 2013

BBMP proposed action re. Property Tax


21 st July
BMC recovers cost from agencies through property tax

<>Apparently, a very sensible decision taken, perhaps the only possible action opens, so as to effectively take on and tackle the alarmingly increasing menace of garbage in public land.
As can only be expected, the day for similar steps to be mooted, and effectively   taken and followed-up  by all other civic bodies / authorities across the nation cannot be very far.


The reported move and intended action / proactive steps seem to be very much lacking in clarity. In that, it is not clear, and apparently makes no sense, particularly in the cases of aspartment buyers. On resorting to online payment of SAS tax, in doing so, as dictated by the computerised system itself, or even otherwise, the basis for reckoning the tax payable is as per the norms (such as BA or SBA , etc.) required to be filled in as in the sale deed excuted by the builder, The calculation is accordingly done, either automatically by the system, or by the payer if paid across the counter. BBMP requires to be quite clear in its own mind, and also make it clear to the taxpaying public, as to what exactly is the move all about.

KEY NOTE: Needs to be pinpointed that, - the apartment buyers have no way except to go by the particulars of area, etc. , as provided by the promoter / seller in the sale deeds. As a matter of common sense or otherwise, the seller can only be cxpected , also regarded, to have , if at all, erred on a wrong side; that is by overstating the area, common area, so on, to his own advantage. Never the other way. 
In this context, the oft repeated/aired grievance against the irregular practice of sellers not seeking and procuring a 'master khata' from the BBMP, for the benefit of the buyers, to which BBMP has been a willing party all along, calls for a serious mention.

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