Saturday, February 5, 2011

I, No Inch Of Me, Am A Bureaucrat

Hello sir, how are you!

Ai Manju, meet my friend, a government official.

Oh, glad to meet you sir; this is the first time I have the pleasure of meeting a bureaucrat!

Nnno, Nnno Madam! I am not one; even an inch of me!


Let me explain; no rules (of book), for me to rigidly follow; frankly, I never ever refer any book, even if I have one - so no question of me rigidly following...


Yess, believe me Madam... if I say, there may be rules but never even look into them.

How then you manage!!!

No doubt I am rigid as expected of me, so firm enough to create delays and difficulties.

But thenn ;

Of course, people who come to me, know that; but they are shrewd enough to ensure that they don’t suffer any such delays or difficulties.

???!!! wonderful !!!!

Front drop: Per Dictionary, Bureaucrat means: “1. A government official. official who follows rules rigidly, so creating delays and difficulties,...

Oh, is that so! pity meee!

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