Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mind Tree <<<<>>>>

Is human mind to be aptly likened to a TREE ?!  OR

Does that depend on he being a master or slave of own mind ????

Stealing, if don’t mind, a few moments or pieces (peace) of mind:

¨   light or sound- which one travels faster ?  Scientists  claim to have found a satisfactory answer at the end of li-fe (-ves)  long devoted research. But that does not seem to be the end of it all; for, if were to think of   ‘human mind’, with no help from scientists but simply giving  a moment’s thought to anyone’s own personal experience,  is it not that  the mind travels the fastest of all, to the exclusion of any other !

Listen to >

Here is yet another view but with a different perspective, more intriguing, rather brain teasing, though >

 <fall in love x not rise in ...
detatched life...
love - affair - if detatched, real love of a yogi.. 

to be or not to be- not an intelligent question itself; forget the answer to it ! 

info. is not knowledge- it is simply collecting garbage !

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