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Jan 20
Posted: 18 Jan 2015 11:40 PM PST
By Accommodation Times News Services Government’s leaden footed approach to grant the industry status to the housing construction industry is the root cause of invasion of speculators in this core industry. In the absence of institutional finance to the construction industry, since it is not accorded industry status, the developers are compelled to raise funds […]

Illegal constructions mar city’s heritage look as govt look on

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So much is heard, and dirty linen being washed, shamelessly, in the open, day-in and day-out; also given publicity, for years now, just for the heck of it. In the ultimate analysis, however, there is one disgusting fact of life that is being, unwittingly or otherwise, nay blatantly, over sighted. According to reliable first hand information, it is for quite long now that the local authority, be it BBMP (or also BDA?), stopped issuing a clean OC. In other words, what is heard to being issued is a ‘qualified’ certificate (i.e. conditional, made subject to listed conditions) ; which, in terms and tenor, - is not to be taken as an “OC” at all,- worth not even the paper used for it,- as envisaged in the rules book; so much so, in effect, kicks back the entire responsibility for due compliance /completion to the promoter / seller. Those who believe or imagine it to be otherwise, will, for own enlightenment, do well to take pains to scout around and ascertain what exactly is/ has been, by and large, the field reality. In short, OC , as a document to rely on, much less to be insisted upon, for any lawful purpose, in one’s independent conviction, has been reduced to an empty formality, with no substance or merit to go by. Over to the rest for sharing independent experience, for the common good.       

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What is an OC?

To construct a building a developer needs commence certificate (CC) and Intimation of Disapproval (IOD). Once the building is complete, the builder has to obtain an Occupation Certificate, which certifies that the building has complied with the approved plans.

Why is an OC important?

Only once the OC is issued can flat owners occupy the apartments as per law, as otherwise the building is considered illegal. A new flat owner should insist on an OC from the builder before moving in.

What if there is no OC?

BMC charges double thewater tax and other taxes. Corporation can also initiate action against the flat owners, as the law says no person can move into a building without OC. Many builders do not bother to get OC and often new flat owners move into flats in a hurry once the construction is complete.

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Friday, January 2, 2015


Betterment charges –
Flat owners must pay betterment charges - BBMP

The BBMP Commissioner has issued a circular making owners of individual flats liable for any due in betterment charges, and has absolved builders of liability if they have sold all the flats.

BBMP Commissioner M Lakshminarayan in the circular has said: “In certain cases, owners of properties have paid improvement charges in part. They have submitted an undertaking that they will pay the improvement charges as prescribed by the BBMP at the time of khatha registration. But on verification, in most of the cases, the improvement charges are still due.”

He further goes onto to say: “It is learnt that the owner of such properties are developers, who have constructed buildings, whether it is commercial, residential or apartments; and have sold the individual properties to the public. In such cases, the purchasers of such properties are liable to pay the improvement charges.



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