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Random Thoughts < (Looking Inward)

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 Spiritual Thoughts ? Not really !

For anyone of those rarest of rare human beings walking the earth in our times, nonetheless who soulfully cares to, - find time, however small or occasionally  it be, and  more importantly,  sometimes  or at least once in a way, BEING INSPIRED, introspect’-  Find the RECIPE HERE
A Host of Truly thought Provoking Articles, for striving and accomplishing “personal excellence” in its profound sense.And in turn, to give a hand for the betterment of the life on earth for the rest of the humanity !


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Author – CS Divesh Goyal, GOYAL DIVESH & ASSOCIATES is a Company Secretary in Practice from Delhi and can be contacted at, Mob: +91-8130757966)

Author – CS Divesh Goyal, GOYAL DIVESH & ASSOCIATES is a Company Secretary in Practice from Delhi and can be contacted at, Mob: +91-8130757966)

An Update

Tata-Adani tariff dispute with discoms may go to court

Our Bureau

The court remains the only avenue for Tata Power and Adani Power to resolve their dispute wit... »
Provoked To Recall- Nani, himself  a towering legal luminary and lawyer par excellence remorsefully said:

Also what the SC, in its landmark judgment, albeit in a different context , a tax related  case-   said:


A mixed bag of thought provoking columns > 

Realty bites The REITs are an unfinished business HELLEN SERGEYEVATo me, it is an ominous sign that stock prices of cash-strapped realty companies should jump for... »

< Shades of grey

Of course, all this does not even take into account the structural grey areas in the Indian real estate market. Most property deals in India today involve a ‘black’ component, which a listed and tightly regulated REIT simply cannot factor in. 

Given the many regulatory approvals needed both for building and dealing in properties, corruption is a fact of life in the sector and players in the sector aren’t known for a pristine governance record.
Policymakers, regulators and the developer community are now hoping that REITs will usher in much-needed transparency, best practices and good governance into the sector. But this is putting the cart before the horse. If I were a REIT investor, I wouldn’t invest in REITs until good governance is a given. > <<<<<<<<



Real Estate Investment Trusts: Are they heading towards reality?

< Commented...
...every chance or likelihood of getting lost in the woods >>>


Ticking all the right boxes 

< The sheer range and importance of the subjects covered — and the fact that it was delivered extempore — made this one of the most memorable Independence Day addresses by a Prime Minister in recent memory. But like all good speeches with substance, this one too will eventually be judged by how it translates talk into action. And action is what the New India wants.>


Vinay Kamath
India, says a recent survey by a research agency, is the most optimistic country in the world wit... »

Recent Article in Aarati Krishnan

Tough call Lack of supervision has landed healthcare in a precarious position RAJEEV BHATT

Regulating for the minority

While the financial sector has hyperactive regulators, healthcare and real estate get by without much supervision »


Victor Hugo "On résiste à l'invasion
des armées;  on ne résiste pas à l'invasion des idées.” (-“an invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come”)

TODAY is THE DAY   for the nation to look back; AND
Do some thinking, inward, retrospectively

Provocation has come from two different sources:          

1. Independence Day - A proud nation turns 68

As the country gears up to celebrate its 68th Independence Day, we look back at people, events in our past that make us proud

     2. Sadhguru  Jaggi Vasudev  
(well known moral leader, spiritual Guru)
To be precise, his taped speech on >

Positive Thinking - How to Use Thoughts?

Is our Existence Created by What we Think? Sadhguru


Begins with a moot point of poser, - does a human think because he exists, or exists because he thinks?

< A good question; but to find one’s own answer,  what is needed is the faculty to think- nay devoutly retrospect.
But then does everyone possess that quality or capacity to DO SO ? in own view, the straightforward answer is, - DON’t THINK SO ?! – a sort of merry-go-round , is it not – AGAIN THINK !!!
2.       Our beloved Nation remembers the historical moments, worth recalling- the DAY when the so-called ‘swatantra’, the RIGHT TO SELF RULE was given recognition, acknowledged, and came into being.

In the context, turning to Jug Suraiya’s write-up (TOI):

 Ownership of life: If you don't belong to yourself, to whom ...


If you have legitimately acquired property — land, an apartment, a motor vehicle — you have the right of ownership of it. No one can stop you from disposing of it as you will.

But all these rights of ownership — including your hypothetical right to own a government which has been elected to office thanks to your ownership of your ballot — depend upon the most basic of all ownership rights: your right to own your own existence.


To digress:
The failure of Gandhiji and JP to leave a legacy of clean politics speaks for itself. »

The reality that all such writers could not name any more than countable by one's fingers as the rarest of rare 'humans' who have ever walked this earth itself goes to demonstrate the inescapable pessimism voiced in the concluding paragraph.
To aptly borrow a few words uttered by a great thinker-philosopher of our times, soaked with remorse and unhelpful helplessness- “These questions have been debated over decades, but admit of no easy solution. In the present state of human consciousness,- when man continues to be merely a caricature of man to be- there is a certainty of freedom being abused unless legal responsibilities are given the same prime importance as human rights". SINCE THE CONTINUOUS INTELLECTUAL ENJOYMENT OF THE DEBATE MUST DEPEND UPON ITS INCONCLUSIVENESS, IT WOULD BE BOORISH AS WELL AS PRESUMPTUOUS OF ME TO SUGGEST A FINAL CONCLUSION".(bold supplied)
Time and tide wait for none- an inescapable fact (reality) of life on earth.
It is not just moments, minutes, hours, days, months, years and decades (the given yardstick- on time scale) have passed by. Arexc those to be rightly regarded to be
“LOST DECADES” or something better.
THIS PERSONAL BLOGS came into being; based and prompted by an idea or suggestion from a well-wisher.
As per introduction, the idea was decided to be gone ahead with , under the banner of a ‘thinkers’ club’, a few years ago; not to be precise in 2007 (?)
Intention behind was to put down own individual thoughts ,at random, on varying subjects, with different  random chosen topics, come-by almost on a day- to- day basis. A personal Diary, but kept open to the rest, whosoever interested in, more so have the inborn urge and preparedness , to read, also in turn share with equally willing and like-minded others.
Reverting to, as classified by, Guru, per his own reasoning, THINKING  are of three kinds, of relevance -

<    Psycolological
<<  Social 

To introspect: Am unsure the blogs belong to or will fall under which of the three!
Any HELP from any other endowed with the inborn or developed faculty TO THINK on his own – Especially on the seemingly imponderable, - Which of the three  kinds, ideally if not ideologically speaking, be rightly or devoutly cum righteously  regarded as “POSITIVE” thinking  ?!

TO serve as an aid, Cross Refer, among others), -

Feb 6, 2008 - swamilook ..... SWAMILOOK. My Unpublished letters (contd) 2. E'mailed to TOI on 09-02-'07 ... Blog Archive. ▽ 2008 (2). ▽ February (1).
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  1. Times of India ‎- 1 hour ago
    It seemed as if dozens of parallel governments were running under one ... the tool called the government machinery, we have to make it keen, ...

    Three arms of government must respect lakshman rekha ...

     Every Day Tips - Words of Wisdom by Sri Sri by Art of Living Productions 110,056 views

    carpenter - who makes sofa for you to relax, windows for you to look through, outside, far and beyond , to eternity - 

    wisdom, knowledge is the best couch to relax

    politician - has concern , host of concerns for the rest, expected - don't have, that is where AOL aol comes in , for a role to play

    international - AOL is that ! 

    don't you ever complain;

    don't.... attempt to improve the other;...

    Tail Note :

    Do we need think tanks?

    August 18, 2014, 4:15 pm IST in Mind The Gap | India

    <> Thinking aloud, one thinks the points to devoutly ponder are:  The concept of 'thinking' means a mind (brain) process which is a continuous thing like a flowing river; as opposed to 'tank' with an attendant stagnancy about it. As a spiritual leader says : Because you exist , you think, not the other way. In his thinking, It has existential relevance; not psychological or social relevance. May be,  to one's limited understanding, the first mentioned is of relevance and confined to the realm of 'spirituality'. In  a basically and largely  material / mundane world we live in, however, that can conceivably have either a psychological relevance or social relevance . And, depends, who is 'the thinker'. Obviously, a mind teasing exercise; meant for those enlightened few ; not for us the ordinary mortals who  may not venture to embark on - do we really want to!


    Recent Article in New Manager

    Longevity is the name of the game for a successful career

    Building your career within an organisation and a good track record can reap long-term results »




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