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"GYAN" , "Knowledge", "Good Sense", "Common Sense" et al ....In A Scornful Descending Order Of Relative Relevance >>>>>

An Update:
24 th June
 Are motorists more responsible than cops for the worsening traffic scenario of Nagpur?


Director Liability Under the New Regime

"....While such a provision for limitation of liability is useful, much would depend upon the manner in which courts interpret...."

It ought not to be forgotten, or sidelined that, before reaching the stage of court litigation, there are preceding stages to be inevitably gone through. To be precise, "much (or more) would upon” how the empowered administering /executive  authorities,- entrusted with the duties and responsibilities to implement and enforce the referred provisions-would be inclined to look at, into, or through, 'fairly' or otherwise. Those are anterior stages to be necessarily gone through, which are vulnerable and have unpredictable potentials, truly desirable or not.

As such, ideally, impartial views and independent opinion of competent experts, - other than law experts,-that is, of sociologists  and humanists, could be of greater relevance, hence need to be given due weight-age.

Portfolio Ideas

If death do us part…

Make an end-of-life plan to reduce the financial decisions your spouse has to take
What you are about to read in the following paragraphs may seem morbid. But if you are currently... »


Go for property in localities where connectivity will improve, says the Associate Director of Cushman & Wakefield


Jug Suraiya - Times of India Blogs - Indiatimes

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On Taxation


< A comprehensive piece- useful Referencer


Should a multi-storied apartment complex association register itself under Societies Act?

A Ready Referencer >>>>

 I   SC in re DLF

        SC in re DLF (contd.)

II  KSRA vs KCSA- Is there a fresh ray of hope for an early final

III Role Of Auditor of A Housing Complex

IV  Sec 139A & counter- Implications of dept. Instructions..


< Problem faced in having a PAN and/or TAN ..

*https://www.tin-nsdl.com/download/pan/Notification96_2013.pdf documents for list of documents accepted as Proof of Identity and Address 

*Ref. Item 6 reproduced below: 

6. Association of persons (other than Trusts) or body of individuals or local authority or artificial juridical person formed OR registered in India, 

(a) Copy of Agreement; or 

(b) Copy of Certificate of Registration Number issued by Charity Commissioner or Registrar of Co-operative Society OR any other Competent Authority; or 

(c) Any other document originating from any Central Government or State Government Department establishing Identity and address of such person.

For a helpful Comparison: 
3. Company
registered in India
Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by the
Registrar of Companies.

4. Firm (including
Limited Liability
formed OR
registered in India

(a) Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by the
Registrar of Firms/Limited Liability Partnerships;OR
(b) copy of Partnership Deed.

V On Registration of AOA 
   And Final Conveyance - 

 On relevance and seriousness of the Uncommon Pastime, socalled FEEDBACK >


(B) It might not be out of context, but may fit like a glove (or fit- in like ‘T’!), to recall some quotes, rich in wisdom by any standard, any day; more so, in our (ultra) modern times:

  > It is pre-eminently a time for deep, national introspection. We must be self-critical to meet the truth face to face. The bar is more commercialised than before. Today the law is looked upon, not as learned profession but as a lucrative one. The due process of law has become less due than tortuous and unending.

> Wooden – headedness assesses a situation in terms of preconceived fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting any contra indications. In short it is the obstinate refusal to learn from experience.

To unravel the hidden message of this cryptic quote:

What makes our mind hard and closed? Sages have said that this is an automatic front-line defence mechanism for the protection of our belief systems based on our state of ego. If we encounter an idea or a situation that is not in line with our thinking, we immediately close our mind, we put up a block against it; this is what we call mindset. Ego creates mindset. Mindset is a protective mechanism of self defence because we are scared of what others think about our notions and beliefs. Mindset is self-destructive and we have quite often experienced this. …”

(Source: Article published in TOI - Discourse:Shri Shri Nimishananda)

   In a manner of speaking, the quote is seemingly out of context, especially  in today’s changed scenario; for, we, after all, are ordinary mortals, not ‘Sages’ – in its profound sense.

The Puzzle of Personal Excellence

by  Dianna  Boober

excerpts >

¨ Be receptive to feedback

¨ Some advice you don’t ask for. That is what I call feedback-unsolicited opinions about you or your work those comments are sometimes more valuable than what you do ask for we tend to ask for guidance – and we want it to be positive. Feedback is usually unsolicited and often unfavorable but bit can be most valuable even if embarrassing.
¨ Granted you can get too much negative or contradictory feedback and become discouraged but feedback, properly evaluated, from a contributor can be invaluable in gaining perspective on where you’re going.
¨We need to measure ourselves with someone else’s  yardstick occasionally  if you’re getting the same feedback from several sources -either positive or negative –pay attention.
(Source:  Book titled PERSONAL EXCELLENCE )
> In public affairs, stupidity is more dangerous than knavery.
<>The expression “public affairs” most certainly, would take within its ambit all matters entailing “public interest” or “common good” in a profound sense
> As Lord Buckmaster observed, it would be more true to say of the finest lawyers that, so far from having a narrow outlook on the world, there is no horizon too large for them to gaze at. There is no learning that comes amiss to the lawyer; there is no phase of all the myriad mysteries of the human heart which may not be the subject of the case which he has to consider.
<> It is to be believed, even difficult that be, -these are quotes from the published articles and speeches of the renowned greatest legal luminary, a doyen of the Bar himself, – N A Palkhivala. He was one of those very few popularly known not just for his sharp wisdom but for his exemplary boldness to be self-critical to meet the truth face to face. Shared, though on a selective but random basis, in the fond hope on hopes of being rightly perceived, and attempted to be imbibed with a righteous perspective.
(Source: “WE, THE PEOPLE” and “We, the Nation”)

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