Thursday, November 7, 2013

BL update on- GST, REIT, et al



Shome throws GST ball in political court

'Technical work and concerns of states taken on board; Direct Taxes Code technical work also completed'



GST opportunity squandered as the blamegame goes on

The Centre’s plan to table the revised Constitutional Amendment Bill, with the changes recommended by the Standing Committee, during the winter session of Parliament appears uncertain after the St... »

<> Could have been taken for a surprise, only had it not been so squandered! None can afford to forget that squandering of opportunity, one after the other, in a serial, has been the order of the day; for instance, DTC (provided one remembers at least what it denotes). As one of the very few wisest men of our times, who have ever walked this earth (not Mars), remorsefully quipped, - traditionally/historically, our beloved country is  so much used to the concepts of, - ‘yugas’ and ‘light years’, also to believing in ‘rebirth’, why at all waste time and energy in worrying about just any more decades being lost, in improving upon the quality of life on earth,- in one’s lifetime itself.

Taxation & Accountancy

Cementing the future of REIT

In a major step to fuel the growth of the country’s real estate sector, SEBI recently released a consultation paper together with the draft Real Estate Investment Trust 2013 (REIT) regulations. Is... »

 * Recent Article in Taxation & Accountancy

National convention of Company Secretaries today

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India believes its members should take up a larger role in corporate governance... »

Xcerpts >
Company secretaries are overseeing compliance through the Listing Agreement between a company and a stock exchange.  
The Companies Act 2013 counts Company Secretaries among Key Management Personnel such as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, and Whole-Time Director.
S.N. Ananthasubramanian, President ICSI, said this can pave the way for a bigger boardroom role, instead of the current function as a compliance officer. The ad campaign, to be launched from Thursday, will initially run in print media, and followed up with television campaigns, he said.

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