Monday, August 12, 2013

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Are you ‘paying’ a fraudster?

Newer salary elements such as skill premium and spot bonuses are leaving companies vulnerable to payroll frauds. »

<> In a “Jugular Vein” (in haste)>

While reading along but even before getting to the bottom line prompted one to visualise the unmistakable 'forensic' touch about the measures so innovatively suggested. To be honest, as one not personally being so sure of the efficacy or otherwise of anyone or more of those measures, if ever tried, eventually being proven, is left with a fair recollection of what one read in "THE DILBERT PRINCIPLE" by Scott Adams- “the twenty provocative, illustrated chapters," through which he is applauded to have revealed "the secrets of management in every company, including:....Faking quality*".

Swearing your way to success
Business plans: world's greatest fiction
Trolls in the accounting department
Humiliation as management tool
Selling bad products to stupid people
And more !
"A roaring success" - Daily Telegraph
"It is not often that management books make you laugh loud. But this is a notable exdeption"- Independent

"Adams caricatures the lunacies of corporate life"- Guardian 

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