Saturday, May 18, 2013

TOI - No News for many !

Localities thirst for water as taps go dry - The Times of India › City  Bangalore
3 hours ago – Localities thirst for water as taps go dry ... NVK Anil Kumar, Ashwini Layout Residents' Association, Koramangala, said, "The number of ...
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<> Any way, not to worry ! Makes for "No" news , good or bad, for the people who have been residing in areas/wards which still mostly remain left out of the KRS WATER SUPPLY LINE ( ?) - for instance, the new/ lately added developments in recent years - despite having contributed to the State Excequer , significantly, by way of water tax, not to speak of property tax, -in Jayanagar, JP Nagar - Right or Wrong ?- Only the notorious local (public) empowered authority BWSSB could provide an Answer ! Instead, their present worry is solely confined to the horridly threatening real problem of 'ground water' , already scanty, depleting any further- to eventully go dry - True or False?! Does anyone have an Answer- Right Or Wrong ? 

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