Friday, May 17, 2013

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Ronnie Cummins: Genetically Modified Democracy: Monsanto and Congress Move to Stomp on Your Rights

This talks of / deals with the worrisome aspect / concern why democracy at national level is at stake; and cries aloud for an awareness, more so for awakening, of the People  and the need to think  of concerted action to check/control the otherwise inevitable deterioration in the previaling state of affairs.

If closely analysed and critically  considered, it may be realised that, an awakening is unavoidable hence must come into play, in every other sphere of human activity- not merely at the national level ; a beginning must be made , at least now i those spheres as well.

The beginning must desirably be made, to begin with, at the home front- e.g. at the smaller society e.g. of the people owning and living in a housing comlex, as co-owners/residents.

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TOI today

We need to clean up; all are trapped by the Big Lie
Times of India ‎- 1 hour ago
If we accept the estimate of Rs 6 crore, then a total of Rs 1338 crore (223x6) wouldhave been spent by the three main protagonists, though the ...

Does the system need change? - Times of India Blogs - Indiatimes

(Gautham Adhikari)

  1. Centre's competence in Co-Op banks challenged - Indian Cooperative
    Oct 7, 2012 – As per existing sec.18 the State Co-operative banks,Central ... 
  2. Co-op vs. Condo - The New York Times
    Oct 5, 2012 – There are far more co-ops than condos in New York City, but the gap ...York City know the basic trade-offs between a co-op and a condominium: the ... For news and features on real estate, follow @nytrealestate.
Key Note: What is largely obtaining, and directly responsible, for the chaos and confusion in housing co-ops is, to say it in the least offensive masnner- a school boy's mentality , if not the mentality of a herxd of sheep.
Even so thered is no escape from the bottomline truth that, -
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves
Atanu Dey
Recommended to read that insightful article !

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