Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TOI Juggle Bandhi ; BL Editorial On Constitutional Law related Topic !


To lead change you need a new mind - Speakingtree.in


Call it quits by Juggle-Bandhi : Jug Suraiya's blog-The Times Of India

 <> English language has not been so kind to madam as to be clear on what she intended to convey. That is, ‘issue’, just as most other words, has varying meanings-  besides, 'an important topic or problem', also means - "formal or Law children of one's own"! Got it or NNNO?

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....News for change the laws anti fixing legislation toi today

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The Kapil Sibal connection - Yahoo! Cricket India



Imperious ways

A consultative approach to appointments vested with constitutional sanctity will have a positive bearing on governance. »      1 comment


UPA’s corrupt, but so are we

Both rulers and civil society violate public resources for private gain. — H. VibhuA minister sells spectrum, the wealthy hijack waterways for townships. Corruption has been socialised. »

Inveterate gamblers

Match-fixing is not uncommon in European football. »

Euro States' Exercise - withwhat outcome or achievement ? With a cavenrous and yawning gap, fight to the finish , with no finishing line to be sighted, can only be expected to go on and on,to infinity /eternity!

<>  "European States have taken it upon themselves to lead a co-ordinated and coherent fight against match-fixing."

This does not go well or match with the rest of the write-up ; Right ? Left untouched is, - what is the outcome or achievement of Euro States. If not known, then the only inference could be a hapless realization or shameful admission of the cavernous and yawning gap, nay vacuum, between the shadow of the fighting spiriteds and the untouchable gay reality all around ! To be precise, the fight to the finish will go on to eternity; only there being no sign of the finishing light to be spotted !


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