Sunday, April 21, 2013

BL Highlights for the DAY > Good Governance; Reality X Realty

1. Fix the corporate governance leaks

The institution of independent directors needs to be strengthenedThere are still too few effective curbs on controlling shareholders. »

 2. Construction sector falling apart

There is a large gap between the project planning and execution phase.The ban on use of some raw materials such as sand, without availability of alternatives, has challenged the viability of the industry. »

<> “...Most projects require permission and clearance from various departments...”
Regrettably, the concerned Housing Ministry / its coterie does not seem to have so far given any sincere and empathetic consideration to the often talked about right measures ; same way as in regard to FII AND FDI- namely, single window clearance and fast track ?!
There has as yet been no news on rolling back by the Revenue as clamoured for, of the lately proposed (for a second time in succession) TDS of 1 % ; albeit , as widely agitated for sane reasons, it is a patently  ill-conceived idea, mooted but  knowing full well it  lacks sincerity of purpose in its profound sense, hence ought not to be gone ahead with. The recent media report of the Del. HC exposing the enormity of the problems and hardships taxpayers have been made to suffer because of the TDS regime that has come to be muddled to the core,, in the aftermath of nationwide computerization and set up of CPC by the Revenue, it is hoped, might serve the purpose of dilating and opening the eyes of the concerned men in power.

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