Sunday, February 17, 2013

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9 Business Books That Will Change Your Life
9 Business Books That Will Change Your Life · Great leaders learn everyday, and reading great books is the one of the best ways to learn. I've been fortunate enough to read...

May be, reading such books, whether it is on 'business', or 'profession', or whatever like subject, help individuals to aim at and keep on attempting to achieve grater and grater heights individualistically / in the life of self.
But what ought not to be forgetten is THE profound achievement or accomplishment worth considered as an ideal goal in life. To put in other words, full of wisdom of a great thinker and philosopher in his own way, of our times ('Nani' as fondly remembered) ,-
there is always more to business than success; and more to success than moneys (personal wealth) - any thougts?
Recomend to read, - "PERSONAL EXCELLENCE",   a tiny Book but worth many times  its weight in 'GOLD' (again, in its wholesome/spiritual sense- in the sense it is used in an expression like,- HEART OF GOLD) ); Ken Shelton, Editor.

The Lesson from Headley Trial

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