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Taxing time for Shell in India

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Tax illiteracy is no solution for budget deficits

SA Aiyar 

Impromptu (random thoughts of a layman):
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Most of them are prima facie worthwhile giving a read.
Read this one, for the day; ostensibly fitting into the context, and quite thought provoking – Recommend /address to those who have firstly the mind—or wish, or inclination, ambition, by whatever name one calls it; then, the ‘time’, which though is the most wanting but scarce factor to find in today’s world – in which , what one keeps hearing to ears-full all the time is – Growth (>economic), and nothing but the Growth ; besides, striving to contribute in own way, with a come-what –may attitude !
Where is the nation really heading???
Quite sure, if not our men in power, most certainly the nation’s economic and tax x’perts will only be inclined to agree to disagree; but find and offer their own individualised answers –Right or wrong?
(Left unedited- as no ‘time’ to do so)
<>  "EM FREE" (FOR THE DAY ) :

On a quick look, many of the things proclaimed to have been covered for guidance,in one's perception, seem too familiar to ..seem so familiar, that before taking the trouble of spending any time,to consider whether worthwhile to do so.In particlar, those having some reasonable knowledge or familiarity with the sections found mentioned!
PS; Albeit, no need to add, -of course, it is left to individual's choice, depending on personal perception of/perspective in respect of such or like matters.

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