Monday, February 4, 2013

AT News on REALTY - Reforms in MAHA; CST ;



J B Patel, Housing Activist

.................The proposed amendment in the Constitution,
inter alia, seeks to empower the Parliament in respect of multi-state Cooperative Societies
and the State Legislatures in case of other Cooperative Societies to make appropriate law,
laying down the following matters, namely:-
k) providing for offences relating to Cooperative Societies and penalties in respect of such
It is expected that these provisions will not only ensure the autonomous and democratic
functioning of cooperatives, but enhance the public faith in these institutions and also ensure
the accountability of management to the Members and other stakeholders and also provide
for deterrence for violation of the provisions of the law.

New cold (or warm!) soothing breeze blowing for NOIDA buyers>

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 05:32 AM PST
By Accommodation Times News Service
Delhi Development Authority to regulate the loopholes of the builders .....

 The organization NEFOMA and NEFOWA had ordered the development authority to take a strict action. One of the officials of NAFOWA said that builders luring the buyers do the bookings of flats and later on denied many facilities.

Update @

Builders trick turns into PIL by High Court
Forward- looking reforms are MAHA's pride, but  OTHERS' envy !
Very stimulating MAHA News ; Regrettably and enviably, not FOR BENGALURIANS
(Per contra > today's  toi  news, for pride - "B'lore gets lion's share of educated migrants"

on CST

GST – Now Looks A Possibility

"Looks" suggesting remoteness of it, and leaving one to wildly keep guessing, -when so to happen !

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