Monday, February 21, 2011


“A directive on the above lines by the SC will relieve the Court of the burden of monitoring and supervising investigations in individual cases.”
The suggestion coming from a person of his experience and exposure in such matters is, in my humble view, certainly worth giving it a serious consideration by one and all really concerned.

With the same breath, however, I may, for whatever its worth, pinpoint to a recent development on a related matter, as reported in the media. The reference is to -

Judge Bench)

(21.4 KiB, 426 DLs)

Supreme Court recalls law requiring PSUs to obtain COD approval

This, which speaks volumes on the subject, as per my reasoning, and in my perception, certainly bears out the - often- talked- about: - historically obtaining, but increasingly widening, yawning gap between – (a) what are commonly referred to as ‘facts of life’ ( ‘the reality’), and (b) the impeccably impinging  ‘practicality’. 

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